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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long to Bridal Gowns take to come in?
    Regular shipping bridal gowns take around 6-8 months to come in, although we can see them come in as early as 4 months. We reccomend ordering 10-12 months in advance so there is time for the proper alterations without the stress.
  • How many people should You bring with you?
    We ask that you have no more than 4 guests with you. Too many people can make your experience overwhelming. We reccomend keeping it to just people whose opinions mean the most to you.
  • How long do Bridesmaids Dresses take to come in?
    Bridesmaids dresses take roughly 4-5 months to come in. We always reccomend ordering at least 6 months in advance.
  • What is the price point of our gowns?
    Our Bridal gowns range in price from $999-$2799. We have a clearance rack with has gowns for $500 and below. Bridesmaids dresses range from $159-$289.
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